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Online Banking

The benefits of online banking are enormous!

Members can login to their ITSME247 online banking account at any time to review balances, transfer funds, pay bills and more. All these features are free and can be accessed at any time. Using the secure, two-step login system, members using this system can be assured that their information is safe and up to date.

Online banking is another benefit of membership of Catholic United Financial Credit Union.



First Class Mortgage is a local, Upper Midwest company that offers our members "first class" home mortgage services.


Mortgage partnerCheck printing services to our members is completed by Check Printing Solutions. Click here to view their services.


Sallie Mae Student Loan ServicingStudent loan borrowers can pay for college the smart way with three great repayment options and competitive interest rates from Sallie Mae. Click here to learn more.


Member Security Tips

If your VISA® check card or ATM card is lost or stolen call 1-800-523-4175

Keeping your information and accounts secure is of paramount important to us. We follow strict security protocols and have technology in place to monitor and protect your money and transactions.

However, security is a two-way street. Credit union members are strongly encouraged to follow these safety tips when conducting any financial business online or in the real world...

Create a strong password. Use a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols in your password. Avoid names and birthdates, and never use a social security number. Avoid using one password on multiple sites. Don't send your password to anyone via email or social media. Don't give your password to anyone over the phone. Change your password at least once a year.

Avoid open wi-fi networks. Free, public wi-fi networks at restaurants, airports and coffee shops are convenient, but they can also be compromised. If you need to conduct a secure banking transaction, use your cell network connection, or wait to connect on a network you trust, like your home wi-fi. And never conduct a financial transaction on a device that isn't yours, such as a library computer.

Log out of accounts once your task is done. When you complete a financial transaction online, click the "Log Out" link to conclude your banking session. Many websites are programmed to logout accounts after a period of inactivity, but the extra step of logging out yourself is a good habit.

Secure your mobile device with a password. Any smartphone or tablet device containing your private information should be locked down using that device's built-in security software. This is vital if you use that device for mobile banking.

Keep your devices up to date. Many computers and mobile devices automatically update their software to stay secure. If your device isn't up to date, it can be vulnerable to hacking. If you aren't sure how this is accomplished, or want to verify that your device is current, return to the retailer and ask for a security check.

Keep your information current. If you change your phone number, address or name, notify this credit union of the change immediately. This information is vital if we need to contact you due to an immediate security need.

Monitor your accounts on a regular basis. Contact us immediately if you suspect your information has been compromised. A lost debit card, a stolen purse, a missing device, an unfamiliar transaction on your account...any of these situations could lead to a more serious invasion of your security. Don't hesitate to contact us if you suspect that your password, account information or check card was stolen or compromised.

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