From the President

Tuesday, June 9th 12:00 AM

We’ve all heard the term ‘strength in numbers’ before, but what does that mean exactly? To us at Catholic United Financial Credit Union, we feel it succinctly defines our mission of people helping people. As a not-for-profit financial services cooperative, we work together to help all succeed. We are your alternative to traditional for-profit banking. At CUFCU you are more than a customer – you’re a member with a voice and a vote in how we operate. We treat you like you own the place because -- in fact -- you do!

We’re constantly listening to you -- our members, our owners -- as to how to continually improve and provide the very best financial services and products to meet your needs. We are driven by an innovative spirit to adopt the very best practices and technologies -- many of which are found at larger, ‘big name’ financial institutions. We never allow ourselves to forget that this is a ‘people first’ business; that technology, while it adds convenience, doesn’t build relationships.

We feel we have one of the best memberships of any credit union. To serve the best, you’ve got to be your best -- and we simply have some of the best people you’ll find anywhere here to help you; many of whom have been here for years. I’m very proud of our team. They are truly people helping people and that is at the heart of the cooperative spirit we live and breathe every day.

It is truly an honor for us to serve each and every member. Please let us know how we may continue to be of service to you.

With kindest regards and appreciation,

Terri Maloney